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Spiritual Tour

Bhutan is a sacred land with deeply spiritual people. There are more than 10,000 stupas or chortens and more than 2000 monasteries in the kingdom, many built centuries ago in honour of the teachings of Buddhism. Some are national treasures like the Taktsang, the Tiger’s Nest built on a sheer craggy cliff face as if grounded on the deep faith of its people.The hermitages that are built high above some of these sacred sites are a marvel to see; many of them are huts in traditional architecture providing shelter to meditation practitioners amidst deep nature.

Spiritual seekers will find numerous spiritual sites throughout Bhutan. Some are within easy reach or a few hours walk, and other require a bit of a trek or climb but it is always satisfying to reach the tops of the numerous monasteries that mark Bhutan landscape and to take a moment to contemplate on top of the world. The tsechus , local community festivals and the sacred architecture represented by the various stupas and mani walls are a constant reminder that in Bhutan, spirituality is still a way of life despite a fast changing world.

Rafting in Bhutan

Generally rafting conjures of images of crashing through horrendous rapids and monstrous waves with laughing and screaming joyful rafters hanging on but in the context of Rafting in Bhutan, it is a gentle drift-down-the-river admiring the scenery and running a few small yet exciting rapids.

The most of the rivers in Bhutan are very steep and highly rushing with limited road access makes it considerably unsuitable for white water rafting. Only a few rivers are opened for rafting considering their safe course and easy access.

Birdwatching in Bhutan

Bhutan is considered as a bird-watchers’ paradise. Because of the great number and diversity of endemic species, the eastern Himalayas of which Bhutan is a part, has been designated as one of the world’s top 10 biodiversity “hotspots”. Wet summers and altitudinal gradation from sub-tropical lowlands to arctic-like mountain peaks provide an array of climatic conditions and a layering of distinct biotic communities from jungles through temperate forests to tundra. Each community has a unique assemblage of wildlife — with golden langurs and elephants in the lowlands, tigers and red pandas in the midlands, and snow leopards and Takins on alpine meadows.

The diversity of bird life of Bhutan is accentuated by the migrations of hundreds of species between breeding grounds across a vast expanse of Asia to the north of Bhutan and wintering grounds of the subcontinent of India. The best known of these migrants is the black-necked cranes that breed in Tibet and then migrate over the Himalayas to spend the winter in several isolated valleys of Bhutan. Thanks in part to its moist climate and wide altitudinal range; Bhutan supports over 700 bird species, including some of the most exotic and endemic species in the eastern Himalayas.

Textile Tours

Weaving is an ancient art in Bhutan. Taking root in a rural and rustic setting, a uniquely rich tradition of weaving has evolved and flowered over time. With skills handed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, from family to family, weaving in Bhutan is today an art form that is representative of the very heart and souls of the country. Fabrics fashioned in the looms, a veritable feast of magical colors and intricate designs and patterns, are symbolic of the Bhutanese society and the Dragon Kingdom.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Bhutan

Bhutan is a Shangri-La of romantic escapades for couples and a perfect place to exchange your vows or visit for a blissful honeymoon. We can arrange for you and your love to have a Bhutanese wedding ceremony, or, for the already married couple we can organize for you to rededicate your vows and experience marriage ceremonies in the traditional Bhutanese way. Marriages in Bhutan may not be as extensive and lavish as in the western countries, nevertheless a series of religious rites performed with utmost sanctity and solemnness.

Bhutan Photography Tour

Bhutan provides immense oppotunity for photography. The unique architecture in the building, the farmers in the villages, and the innocent faces of the school going children have always pleased the photographers around the globe. In addition, Bhutan has a lot of species of plants and animals in it’s more than 72% of natural forest coverage.

Photograph is about choosing and capturing a creation of your choice.