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Bhutan – the land of the gods

Cradled in the deep folds of the Himalayan mountains, very little is known of Bhutan. To most people, Bhutan is a hidden kingdom shrouded in mystery.

Today, when most parts of the world have seen a surge in tourist numbers, Bhutan continues to follow a policy of regulated tourism in order to safeguard the country’s natural environment, rich cultural heritage and unique of life of the Bhutanese people. This has made Bhutan one of the least travelled and most exclusive destinations in the world.

So we invite you to travel to Bhutan and unravel the wonders of this Himalayan Kingdom. Come and experience, for yourself, this land of breathtaking beauty, vibrant living culture and warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people with Bhutan Lha-Yul Tours & Travels.

The fortress in the old capital of Bhutan