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Make your own stamp in Bhutan

Want to make your own stamp in Bhutan – then go ahead and make your own personalised stamp 🙂

One of the most interesting things that you can do in Bhutan, is to get your own personalised stamps at the Bhutan National Post Office in Thimphu.

You can have your personal stamp from Bhutan printed here and sent home on a postcard. It’s a fun thing. The print quality is excellent.

Costing about USD4 for 12 stamps (including the value of the stamp), imagine your friends’ and family’s pleasant surprise when you send home a postcard with your face on the stamp 🙂

Personalised Stamps with Friends of Bhutan
Personalised Stamps made at the Post Office

Bhutan is also known as the Land of Beautiful Stamps – the county has some of the most intricately designed stamps in the world, including the world’s first scented stamps, first steel foil stamps, first silk stamps, first 3-D stamps and first talking stamps! For Bhutan, stamps are regarded as “ambassadors of their country”.

Bhutanese stamps are also popular as gifts for friends and family back home, with some guest buying hundreds of dollars worth from the post office.

Bhutan stamp collections- Flora & Fauna of Bhutan, Foods of Bhutan, Monasteries of Bhutan, Dzongs of Bhutan

You can have your photo taken on the spot by the friendly post office staff, or bring your own (glamour) photos in a thumbdrive. It takes less than ten minutes to make your very own stamps. Now that’s what I call exclusive edition.

So the next time you’re in Bhutan, we can go down to the post office and make our personalised stamp and then send a post card to all your friends and family tell them about your visit to this exotic destination “BHUTAN”.

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