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Things to do in Paro, Bhutan

1. Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Taktsang Monastery, popularly known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery, is the place you must visit when in Bhutan. They say your trip to this happy country is not complete till you trek to this most sacred pilgrim monastery. Legend has it that the Father of Bhutanese Buddhism, Guru Rinpoche, arrived here a million years ago on the back of a tigress and meditated at this place.

Nestled atop a cliff,  this monastery is the most frequented by visitors from all around the globe. The trek takes around two to three hours to complete, with a steep uphill climb. If you get tired, you can opt to go up by pony. Stop by at the cafe you find on the way to refresh yourself. Keep in mind that visitors require a special permit to enter the monastery, which needs to be procured in advance.

2. Try an adventure activity

Looking to take part in adventure activities in Bhutan? Paro is the perfect place for you. Activities on offer range from trekking and mountain biking to rafting and kayaking. Embark on the famous Snowman Trek if you dare; the trek extends over 5,400 metres.
Love mountain biking? There are trails aplenty here and this is an excellent way to explore ruins and monasteries that are inaccessible by foot.
If you are curious about water sports, you can also try rafting and kayaking.

3. Unwind with some meditation

The serenity of Bhutan is the perfect place for meditation and yoga. If you’re looking for  some spiritual guidance and peace of mind, opt for a meditation workshop at one of the the many monasteries around.
You can also choose to soak in a thermal spring bath, or tshachu, for its medicinal properties.

4. Savour the local flavours

You can’t holiday in Bhutan and not have the staple ema datshi (a mix of red hot chillies and yak cheese). This delicacy is also the national dish of Bhutan and is a must-try. Apart from chillies, Bhutanese cuisine largely comprises chicken, pork and beef. Try phaksha paa, a pork dish cooked with spicy red chillies and spinach. Another dish you must try is jasha maru (spicy minced chicken).

Source: Femina