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Bill Seager, Hawaii, USA

All my life I wanted to see and visit the Himalayas.  With time, due to family concerns,  I was able to visit this majestical part of the world.

Originally I was going to visit through China and Tibet. My friend said you can see the Himalayas from Bhutan. She suggested I email Karma at Lhayal Tours.

I connected to Karma about traveling, as my wife had recently passed, and I truly needed somewhere to go. Karma literally guided me through my pain of loss. She explained and reminded me of the impermanence of everything. I was so appreciative of her concern as I was not accustomed to such care in the west.

Well, to make a long story short, I signed up for a guided tour with an emphasis on visiting monasteries. When I arrived I was met by a most enthusiastic Tenzin and our driver-Tashi. Later these two would become my closest dearest friends and confidants. Helping me up trails to majestic monasteries perched amongst the clouds.

I stayed in different stars hotels and each was profoundly loving and caring. I especially loved the Wangchuck Hotel in Phojika. I remember most lovingly my joy of sitting around the pot belly stove with the staff sipping chai.

Mostly, I was entranced with the underlying peace and tranquility and sense of pure and full contentment during my entire stay. Tears well up as I write this in memory of this incredible Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon.

Since my return to Hawaii the contentment and peace is still with me.  I know now the difference between Heaven and Earth.